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 Hollywood  is the largest movie centre not only in the Unites States but also in the whole world. For one to make it here he/she should first show up for the auditions. Here, the person’s talent will be evaluated by a panel of judges; who are out to search for only the best individuals to be placed in movie roles. For you to succeed in  Hollywood  auditions, the following are some of the tips you should follow:

1. Practice with someone you trust. This person can be your friend and he/she should be able to give you both positive and negative comments as they appear. Remember you are just training and the negative comments are much more important at this time because they will help you identify your weak spots. You will therefore have room to improve on them before you face the panel.

2. Mind your dress code. The  Hollywood  auditions panel would expect you to be professional in this; put in mind that this is just like any other interview and you have to be at your best. Clothes that may be comfortable to you are not necessarily the best; pedal pushers, sweat pants and old shorts are not the best.

3. Avoid making excuses for your mistakes. Do not tell the panel that you did not have enough time to practice; or that it is your first time to audition and that is why you are making errors. The judges would view you as a scapegoat and that way you will not stand a chance against other competitors.

4. Do not focus too much on your flaws. If it is your first time at the auditions, you will probably skip a line or two, or repeat word. Highlighting mistakes and asking for second or third chances to do the same thing would be time consuming to the panel; who also have other competitors to attend to. It would be better if you find your own way of fitting the sentences together in a coherent manner. This would show the panel that you are creative.

5. Just be yourself. Be original and do not try to behave like someone else; if you are the kind of person who likes greeting people, do so candidly. Faking may work for you in the short run; but in case you pass the auditions, it would later come to haunt your career. Your drastic behavior change will surely be noticed by someone.

6. Avoid overdoing acts. Your goal is to be the best but exaggerating roles may make you boring; the  Hollywood  judges would view you as a people-pleaser which may not actually be the true you; for example, you can be given a role where you are expected to laugh. In such a case, make sure your laughter is neither too heavy nor shallow. The best thing to do is to follow the script’s instructions.

Finally yet importantly, avoid choosing roles that are not suitable for you. Each one of us has our own unique personalities that make us comfortable acting them out. For example, it you are a melancholic person, don’t try to fit into a choleric role, otherwise you may end up struggling to keep up with the role given.

Source by John Lindan

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