Ayurvedic Oral Pulling Rinse By Dale Audrey, Cinnamon ,With Neem, Myrrh, Clove & Oil of Oregano. 8oz (1.5 Month-1tsp) Natural & Organic


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Oral Pulling Rinse was formulated by Dale Audrey, A Dental hygienist with over 35 years of clinical dental hygiene experience. Her knowledge of dentistry combined with the Ancient philosophy of Ayurveda, is quite unique. Her products are based on effectiveness and clinical experience. Her full line will guarantee optimum oral health, which in turn, will provide entire body health and well being.Dale Audrey®RDH Oral Pulling Rinse is not just oil and flavoring !
Based on the philosophy of Ayurveda with over 35 Years of Clinical Dental Hygiene Experience, our formula is the most powerful and effective on the market. It is the perfect blend oils, herbs and extracts that wiil leave your breath, teeth and gums invigorated for hours.
So wether you swish for 30 seconds, 2 minutes or 20 minutes, you will still have benefits. 100% Chemical Free, Non GMO, No Fluoride, No SLS, Gluten Free, Vegan, No animal testing. Natural and Organic, Clinically Proven. Helps gum health, Dry mouth, Canker Sores, Irritations, TMJ issues, Plaque and Tartar build up. Healthy mouth, Healthy Body !

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