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The Super Bowl is upon us. In just a few days we will find out who the greatest team in football really is; the Denver Broncos or the Carolina Panthers. After all the hype, advertising, and glitter of Super Bowl week it will come down to the game and who plays a better game. The coaches that win the most are doing one thing right now, going back to the fundamentals. I’m sure the Cam Newton and Payton Manning are throwing ball after ball after ball this week, keeping their skills sharp. They, along with the rest of the team are studying the playbook and practicing fundamental plays. The team that has their plays down the best will be the team that wins.

We all think that there is some magic pill or potent that will make us rich and give us the edge in business. That’s not true. The one thing we need to do is go back to business fundamentals. Going back to business fundamentals can be boring. Success is boring. It’s doing the same thing over and over again. You do it enough and you will achieve success.

When you go back to business fundamentals in a residual income business it means you have to master the art of prospecting. That means doing lots of prospecting for a while until your business finally takes off. Only then can you back off the gas a rest a little bit. The fundamentals of prospecting revolve around the 3X30X5 principle. It means that you prospect three hours a day, five days a week. Let’s face it if you don’t have 15 hours a week to put into your business, you aren’t really serious about it. Then you make 30 calls an hour. You should be able to make that many, depending on how many people you get on the phone. The last is getting five people committed to your presentation every day. That means that you show your business plan or presentation to 25 people every single week.

Here’s the deal, people aren’t going to buy from you unless they know you are out there and they can buy from you. That’s just the way it is. There is no such thing as that magic person that is going to take your business to the top. They don’t exist. If you only show your product or service to one person a month you will not have a sustainable business. Prospecting is one of the business fundamentals that you need to master in order to have a large residual income. Go back to business fundamentals and you will win.

Source by Sandy Zalecki

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