Bat Mitzvah Party Themes – Hollywood (‘She’s a Star’)


Many girls choose a theme for their Bat Mitzvah party. One of the nice things about a theme is that it can be incorporated into nearly all aspects of the party – starting with the invitations all the way through the party favors. This article will focus on a “ Hollywood ” theme.

 Hollywood  (‘She’s a Star’) Theme

Start with the invitations. One idea is to have your invitation feature a picture of your daughter with her ‘autograph’ on the picture saying something like “Can’t wait to see you at my party”. Also put a few  Hollywood  symbols on the invitation such as the Oscar statue or a film reel. Another suggestion is to send out ‘Theater Tickets’ party invitations. These invitations are lots of fun and look and feel like real tickets. Each line on the ticket allows you to personalize it with your own text. In addition, they are low-cost alternative to regular printed invitations.

Make your place cards do double duty . With a bit of creativity you can have your place cards not only support the theme – they can even serve as the party favors. Several types of star theme mint tin designs are available with personalized labels. They feature not only a  Hollywood  theme, but also a ‘place card’ set up by providing a line for the guest’s name and another line that says ‘Table’ where you would fill in their table assignment. Or, you could use ‘ Hollywood ‘ theme photo coasters and instead of including a photo – make place card ‘pictures’ that you would insert instead and which displays your guest’s name and table assignment. Your guest would then have the photo coaster to take home with them and they would replace the seat assignment ‘picture’ with a picture of their own choosing. You can also use the idea of a place card as a favor by creating a label with room for the guest’s name and table number and personalizing the label with  Hollywood  embellishments like the Oscar or movie reels mentioned earlier. Place this label on a plain favor bag filled with sweets, or perhaps your daughter’s favorite cookies, for your guests to take home.

Make your guests feel like stars. You can also hire a photographer to take Polaroid pictures as your guests enter the party so that they experience the thrill of the paparazzi. You can even recruit one of your close friends for the job to save money. The photographer will then give the picture right away to the guests. Who doesn’t like to have their picture taken when they are dressed in their best?

Serve the Meal in Style. Having the servers dress in a white dress shirt with a black bow ties, black cumberbunds and top hats gives the feeling of it being an extraordinary night. White gloves are also a nice touch. Ask your caterer if they can arrange the ties, cumberbunds and gloves. As for top hats, party supply stores often carry these.

Another glitzy touch to the evening would be to have the dessert embellished with edible gold leaf or dust.

Decorations. Have your guests enter the party on a red carpet. To obtain one, go to a carpet store and let them know you are looking for a ‘red carpet runner’ for your event.

Fortunately many party stores also carry “ Hollywood ” themed decorations. But if not, simply type in ‘ Hollywood  Party Decorations’ in your search bar and you will have more choices than imaginable. Some ideas to decorate in style include: life size cut outs of famous actresses and actors, movie reel tins centerpieces (type ‘movie reel centerpiece’ in search), large clapboards that you personalize, ‘walk of fame’ stars (you could make your own and include family and friends names on them), and of course balloons with a  Hollywood  theme. Sprinkle colorful ‘star confetti’ on the tables, including the serving tables.

Another terrific source for  Hollywood  decorations are companies that supply decorations for proms (type in ‘prom  Hollywood  theme’) – they truly have some amazing products including large props.

Send your guest home with a  Hollywood  party favor. Say ‘thank you’ to your guest by sending them home with a  Hollywood  themed party favor – your choices are numerous! You can give chocolate award statues, clapboard key chains, or create your own favors. Homemade goodies include microwave popcorn packets with a personalized label or chocolate in the shape of a star. Your guests will certainly appreciate the star treatment you gave them.

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Source by Deb Rosenberg

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