Be a Bollywood Princess For the Christmas Dinner


Christmas is the time to look like a glam doll and nothing works better than being dressed like an Indian movie  Bollywood  hottie. Stay tuned and turn heads this Christmas by dressing like a film diva.

Look Simple Yet Gorgeous

The exotic look matters the most among the female protagonists in  Bollywood . Keep in mind that you don’t need to dress in outlandish and uncomfortable yet haute clothes. Top bees like Kareena Kapoor or Katrina Kaif epitomize simplicity in a gorgeous way.

Loud Make Up – Strictly No No

Apply light makeup instead of an artificially done look. A light foundation base with slight shimmery glaze will be apt for the mood. Since it is the Christmas mood, try to wear shades which highlight the festive mood. Some shades of red are quite apt in case of celebrations.

You may go for neutral shades like pink, bronze, fuchsia et al. Make up should enhance your look and not ruin it. You can get dramatic with the eye makeup. Do not dab too much perfume as it may be a major turn off.

Stick To Formals

There is no hard and fast rule of wearing evening gowns. You can be yourself by wearing an elegant cocktail dress too. Remember you need to look gorgeous yet decent. You can wear a sleek well fitted knee length dress. Stick to colors like black, white and red for the Christmas effect.

Create An Aura

Let your attitude do the talking this Christmas. Be upright and confident when someone is approaching you for conversation. Stay polite and be open about your opinions. Since it is Christmas time, do carry a gift like crystal or a bouquet of flowers. Flowers have the power to create the best impression. You can take red roses with ferns keeping in mind the Christmas theme. In case you are looking for more exotic options, pink orchids are the ideal ones to grab.

One last thing. Remember you need to gift flowers to your prospective in-laws if you plan to meet them during the Christmas celebrations.

Source by Jasnav Nagpal

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