Become Psychic Instantly! The Number 1 Technique For Developing Psychic Powers in 30 Days (or Less)


Who else wants to become psychic? You do, right? Are you curious if there is more to life than meets the eye? Do you wonder about invisible beings, spiritual experiences, apparitions, fortune tellers and the wild and wacky world of the unknown? I know that I did… and if you’re anything like me, (or reading this article right now..:-) I’m going to guess you have the very same ambitions and intuitions about the magical and mysterious world around us all.

If you’ve tried to develop psychic abilities without much luck so far… you are NOT alone. (and the truth is… it’s NOT your fault!) Most of the psychic advice out there is pretty bad, and most of the courses are simply NOT completely enough to give you the sort of intuitive insight necessary to have your first big breakthrough.

I’ll tell you a little secret…

There is really only ONE surefire way to truly develop psychic abilities, and to make it happen in a hurry. It’s not about reading books. And it’s not about going to seminars or watching DVD’s. It’s about training your brain, pure and simple. And there is ONLY one proven way to turn your brain into a powerful psychic magnet, and that’s through using brain entrainment software or sound technology.

Brain entrainment, or what is called hemi or holo synch technology, simply turns ON the “god” center in the brain. Its the switch that scientists now believe modulates mystical experiences, and truly… can be accessed by anyone who owns a pair of headphones, and has a healthy appetite for adventure! (and is a truly life changing experience to boot!)

It’s safe, fast and one of the easiest ways to not only develop psychic abilities, but to have your very first out of body experience. To astral project or travel. To refine and re frame your own NATURAL intuitive instincts in amazing and life altering ways… and in my life, was the biggest discovery that put me onto the passionate path I’m now on. (and with luck, soon… so TOO will you!)

UPDATE! As I re-read this article 5 years later, I realize I’ve discovered a lot over the 5 years from when this was originally published. While I used to use all sorts of tools and technology to “train” my brain to enter into altered states, today I do a lot of very basic meditation, visualization and guided imagery work.

It requires no extra tool or technologies, and you can truly make your passion for psychic and spiritual growth PORTABLE in the very best way. As long as you have attention and awareness and a willingness to explore them both, you CAN have magical spiritual experiences that reveal much more of the world than most can see.

The REAL secret?

Stop reading, and start diving in and doing it! Nothing worth knowing in the psychic “realm” can be learned through an article alone. You have to feel an urgency to explore, experiment and experience the magic for yourself!

Source by Danny Fredricks

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