Bedtime Bliss® Contoured & Comfortable Sleep Mask & Moldex® Ear Plugs. Includes Carry Pouch for Eye Mask and Ear Plugs – For Travel, Shift Work & Meditation.


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Bedtime Bliss sleep masks – better sleep/better days. Blocking out light is an important factor when you’re trying to fall asleep because darkness allows for your production of melatonin, which allows you to fall asleep naturally. However, if you have too much external light coming in to your room, then you’re ability to fall asleep quickly diminishes. By using a bedtime bliss contoured sleep mask, you’re blocking out the light without causing pressure on your eyes, which allows for you to fall asleep quickly, while still allowing for REM sleep. Key features & benefits: 1. Soft & contoured with nose ridge. 2. Adjustable Velcro straps. 3. Blocks out light. 4. Won’t put pressure on your eyes. 5. Excellent for travel. 6. Ideal for shift-workers. 7. Nap any time of the day. 8. Perfect for meditation & yoga relaxation. 9. Fall asleep while your partner watches TV next to you. 10. Bonus free ear plugs and carry pouch. Sleep, dream & recharge with Bedtime Bliss.Eye mask designed to shape to your face – contoured and lightweight to prevent pressure on your eyes
Perfect sleep mask for travel & meditation – block out annoying light while traveling
Excellent for shift workers – bedtime bliss solve the problem of sleeping during the day
Ideal eye shade for naps – whether it’s in the lounge chair, or in the hammock and short naps are easy
SOFT & COMFORTABLE – IDEAL TO BLOCK OUT LIGHT – Block Out Street Lamps Or The Morning Sun – Helping You to Relax and Fall Asleep Quickly For A Blissful Sleep and Wake Up Refreshed.
MADE FROM HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS – Lightweight, Contoured (No Pressure On Eyes) & Comfortable Enables REM Sleep with Room to Open Your Eyes Yet Still Relax in Darkness.
VERSATILE & DURABLE- Perfect for Men, Women, Children and Shift Workers – Won’t Smudge Makeup -Combines Well with Continuos Positive Airway Pressure Therapy Apparatus.
RELAX IN DARKNESS – PERFECT FOR MEDITATION – Try Meditating With Our Mask Any Time of the Day or Night – Ideal for Travel, Afternoon Naps or When Your Partner Watches T.V Late At Night.
QUALITY MATERIALS – Free eBook Included to ensure that you get the most out of your sleep mask.

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