Before You Sell Your House Via FSBO – Read This!


If one has ever pondered of or are currently selling your house via the for sale by owner (FSBO) method, you have to read this article. This article will first cover the countless hassles of listing your house through this self-managed method. You will learn all of the pitfalls and drawbacks to selling your home yourself. After you learn about all of the negative attributes of selling your home via a for sale by owner listing, you will learn all about the positive benefits of being flexible on the terms of sales to entice more potential buyers to your home.

When one sells their home via a for sale by owner avenue, there are countless hassles that one incurs. The first time-consuming and potentially expensive task to perform would be to advertise your house to potential buyers online, in the newspaper, magazines, and flyers. Another hassle is to first find and then make sure a potential buyer is pre-approved by a lender to secure a loan to purchase your home. Running a for sale by owner listing entails answering all phone calls, responding to e-mails, answering all questions about the house including taxes and restrictions, etc., along with having open houses during days, nights, and weekends. This is very time consuming and requires a lot of knowledge and patience. When your house does sell, there is high-level legal paperwork that must be executed properly and efficiently in order to make your sale effective and legal. More hassles include a longer time for your house to sell, if ever. This extended time-frame creates another hassle because you will be paying property taxes, mortgage payments, maintenance fees longer than you expected. It would be even doubly worse if you already have another home that you are living in (which is what happens in most cases).

No matter how you sell your house, being flexible with the terms of the sale will more often than not attract more home purchasers, increasing one’s chances of selling one’s home. As the seller, the more you are willing to work with a potential home buyer that is interested in your home regarding payment for your home, the more likely you are able to sell your home. Homeowners are more apt to sell their house if they accept flexible financing which is where the homeowner works with the potential buyer to determine what is acceptable to all parties regarding the loan amount for the home purchase. Homeowners also have the option to let a potential home owner exercise a rent to own or lease to own option. These two terms that mean the same thing which enables the interested purchaser to have the ability to make monthly payments, after settling on a specified down payment, to eventually purchase the home. This occurs all while the new purchaser is living in the home while.

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