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So you are looking to become a Bellamora (B.I.G) distributor or simply just want to find out more information on the company to see if it is legal. Well B.I.G is not even in prelaunch yet, in fact according to its website they are 45 days to pre launch to date! For this reason, there is not so much information out there about the actual quality or effectiveness of the products or even how effective their compensation plan is. However, this Bellamora review takes a look at what the company promises, their management team and key principles for success with Bellamora.

Bellamora International Group is a new company currently promoting skin care products. The products were brought into existence by Dr Bruce Miller who accidentally discovered the power of his formulation after his skin was restored from 2nd and 3rd degree burns over a very short time span.

The science around the B.I.G’s product line has been in development for 24 years with $8 million invested in it. Dr Miller along with a retired chemist of Johnson and Johnson have now applied this new technology to cosmeceuticals. Their formula penetrate the skin to deliver special ingredients in a short period of time for a visible almost instantaneous positive effect. This is the value that is promised today. Their products include skin cleansers, toners, moisturizers, collagen creams, and advanced skin peel products.

Bellamora International Group’s products are manufactured in Costa Rica by laboratories Zepol S.A and distributed at Clearwater Florida with offices in Tampa Florida.

In looking over their compensation package, one can see that they are promising to pay out in a multitude of ways. The compensation plan was created by Mr Rod Cook, a 40 year veteran in Network marketing. You can become a distributor by purchasing an initial order of products and then maintaining an auto ship which is the norm in the industry. There are up front benefit which include retail profits, preferred customer bonuses and fast start bonuses with B.I.G. There is also long-term income that can be acquired through the companies binary and matching bonuses.

Furthermore, there are the luxury compensations for getting to certain heights which include luxury car bonus and a dream home bonus. To wrap this up the B.I.G compensation plan seems pretty attractive and competitive, only time will tell how practical it would be.

An evaluation of Bellamora’s marketing arsenal reveals that they offer free marketing websites, free product samples, and even free leads. At the moment their biggest marketing strategy is inviting all to sign up for free and get free samples. A credit card for shipping is not required. This is a pretty bold step, spending money upfront to get potential customers to try their products.

Bellamora International Group’s management team consists of some top leaders in the industry. They truly understand what it takes to market successfully. Some of these leaders are Mr Ed Ayala, Mr Brian Mclane Mrs. Allison LaMarr, and Mr Rod Cook.

Mr Ed Ayala is the CEO of Bellamora International Group and his history dates back to very humble beginnings. He has since risen despite all odds to be a force to recon with in the Network marketing arena. He was once a top leaders in Primerica and was responsible in taking the company to $17 billion in sales. He is reported to have resigned his position; where he was making over $10 million dollars a year to come to use his reputation to launch Bellamora to Success as the Chief operating officer.

Mr Brian Mclane is the CMO and one of the co-owners of Bellamora International Group a known legend in building large teams in other businesses.

Mrs Allison LaMarr’s resignation from Mary Kay to start with B.I.G also has some leaders in the industry wondering. She shattered all of Mary Kay’s sales records to become the first 7-figure earner and yet she chose to join Bellamora’s team. She is currently the company’s Cooperate Trainer.

Mr Rod Cook, the MLM godfather also has an extensive history in Network marketing. A once retired network marketer himself, he has served to protect network marketers through his MLM “Watchdog” which is a forum that provides truthful information on the profession. He is also reported to prevent the livelihood of customers and distributors from being destroyed and he is one of the top compensation plan designers in the world. This is who is responsible for B.I.G’s compensation plan that was discussed earlier.

So, in answering the question on if Bellamora International Group is a legal business, I would have to say that it is. They have a promising product, an experienced marketing team, and a marketing theme to support their claim of being a great company to partner with.

To say that anyone will be successful in Bellamora is premature only time will tell how well one will perform with this company. There is the attraction to join the company and lock in your spot, especially as they are offering it for Free at this time.

If you are one that is interested in joining a company at the ground floor, this may be the company for you with essentially at no risk to you. Nevertheless, the fact that B.I.G seems to have everything in place does not guarantee your success. For you to be successful, you have to learn how to market. You have to have the ability to market products, personally sponsor new distributors into your Bellamora business and support a productive organization of leaders. To do all these, you have to acquire the skills to brand yourself and generate leads. I suggest you use a self branding attraction marketing system that will allow you to do all the above at the same time and this is not difficult to do.

If you can combine time-tested offline network marketing technique with a marketing system that can position you to generate 25-50 leads only online, then you can very well be on your way to building a formidable Bellamora International Group business.

Source by Ogay Ugorji

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