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Residential cleaning services are nothing new, but you can capitalize on the growing demand in one of the niches within this industry. Creating a house clean-out company is one of the best side business ideas for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that there are few businesses out there that specialize in this type of service. Another benefit is the fact that this type of company can grow with you, allowing you to start out working nights or weekends and then going fulltime down the road. What should you know?

The Demand

First, let’s take a look at the demand for house-clean out companies. If you’re not sure exactly what these professionals do, let’s spell things out. A house clean-out professional specializes in cleaning rental units after tenants leave. These might be residential homes, apartments, condos and more. As such, you won’t be working with individuals that actually live in the home. Instead, you’ll be working with property owners and property management companies. The demand for these types of services is immense. Rental properties always have a relatively high turnover rate, with tenants coming and going. It’s lower with residential homes and higher with apartments, but there’s significant demand across the entire sector.

That demand is there during all types of economic outlooks. When the housing sector is improving and people are buying more homes, you have renters moving out to get into their own homes. Those properties need to be cleaned out. When the economy is poor, people often find that they have little choice but to rent, which means that owners and management companies will need your services to get rentals ready quickly.

Added Services

Home clean-out companies generally offer basic cleaning services. You’ll vacuum carpets, clean tile, wash windows, clean walls and generally get the property back into good condition. However, you can add even more services and build a more successful business. Owners and management companies often need repair work or refurbishment services in addition to cleaning services. If you or your spouse is handy as a carpenter, knows how to install tile or carpet, or can hang new windows and doors, you can offer those services as well.

As you can see, there’s a bright future for anyone interested in starting a home clean-out company, and the low cost of entry means that you can start with very little money.

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