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Are you looking for some of the most famous actors of Spain? Do you really want to know about the contemporary actors of Spain? Here, in this article you can get the facts and other information about the three top most Spanish actors in Hollywood. First and most popular one is Penelope Cruz. She is one of the most widely accepted and number one Spanish actor currently in Hollywood film industry. She was born in Madrid, Spain on 1974, 28 April. Her father was having a retailing business and her mother was a hairdresser. She has worked in one of the Oscar winning Spanish film Jamon.

Another famous Spanish actor is Antonio Banderas. He is believed to be the most famous actors of Spain of the world. He is having a list of many Hollywood blockbuster movies in his name. His one of the most memorable role was in the film The Mambo King. This film was produced in 1992. He has also worked in Oscar winning film Philadelphia in 1993. He has also appeared in many Hollywood movies as a key actor, one of such excellent film was Desperado. This person has also received critical acclaim as swordsman in the movie The Mask of Zorro in 1998. For this film he was the first Spanish actor to display the character after 80 years of the Zorro character’s creation.

Third and most famous actor is Javier Bardem. He was born on 1st March, 1969. This person was not coming from any actor family and he was also interested in making a career in sports. He played some good roles in many Spanish films like Jamon. He got his biggest international breakthrough in year 2000 with the movie Before Night Falls. He got the main fame in the present just because he is the first Spanish actor who won an Oscar.

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