Best Movies in 2009


First of all, I would like to say happy New Year to everyone around the world, Here I will discuss best movies in 2009 because most of the film critics believe that 2009 is an epic year for movies. Moreover, the academy is increased the list for nominees for the best picture up to ten this year only. Here is one thing we need to remember that, all of the movies must dream to be there.

Here I am giving my favorite list, and these are some of the best films in the year 2009 for you to look at and possibly argue about in your own mind.

The first and best in my list is the movie Hurt Locker, it is one great movies about the Iraqi war and all that went into that period of time. This master piece is created by Kathryn Bigelow, ex-wife of my favorite all time directors, who are in my list as well.

When it comes to the story of this movie, it is a story a person of a bomb squad lives in a territory of hostiles. The best part of the film is cinematography, which plays a vital role in success.

After that, there is no choice for the second position because the ultimate movie Avatar is really a smash hit at the box office. This movie collected excellent revenue in different countries and placed at top ten positions in the favorite list. It is one of the unbelievable movies, and the director James Cameron created a master piece for next generations as well.

Most of the people around the world believe that this movie is a real time history and the planet Pandora is there, and we are waiting to go there, here we need to talk about the technology used in this film; it is one of the advanced technologies in computer graphics, which feels us that we are in a foreign planet.

However, both movies that above-mentioned are all time favorites, still there is a chance to build a list with the exceptional movie District 9.

When I tried to go to this movie, I have no ideas and expectations because this film is designed by Neil Blompkamp and the start cast of this film is debuted. After seeing this movie, my expectations are blown away. The production costs of the film is somewhere around twenty million, but the action sequences in this film are absolutely trumped by Avatar.

Source by Erik Armstrong

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