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There are several good P2P (peer to peer) programs available over the Internet. Some of the free P2P programs one can choose from are: BitTorrent, eDonkey / Overnet, WinMx, Shareaza, Limewire, emule, Ares, AudioGalaxy, Kazaa, iMesh, and BearShare. Others, which are not free, include iTunes and Rhapsody.

The best P2P programs are adjudged ?best? due to their high acceptance levels with the P2P network user community. There are several parameters which are critical for acceptance of a P2P File sharing system by a large community of users. One such parameter is the availability of the program at all times. If the server of a P2P network program is switched off, or the mirrors are not able to take the load of high demands of visitors, or file servers are not available, it blocks all the new downloads. This causes a significant effect on the popularity of the network and reduces its acceptance among its users. Yet another parameter is Integrity, which is often compromised by corrupted files which creep in to the network if the network uses donated resources for hosting meta-data. Such corrupted files could be any kind of malware such as spyware, adware, Trojan horses, Browser hijackers, key loggers, data miners and remote installers. A network with some moderators sure helps remove all the malware files from the network and retain the integrity of the program. Moreover, the program should also be efficient in terms of download speed and effective in terms of providing a large number of files for downloading.

These parameters are usually used to judge a P2P program, but can hold different priorities for different users. For example, a user may prefer to download a program that has the most number of music files available even if the threat of malware from that program is higher than others.

Thus, users looking for a good P2P program should check all such programs against the parameters given above and after ascertaining which parameter is most critical to them and which program fares best on that parameter, should choose that program.

Source by Jennifer Bailey

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