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In the not-so-recent past, when someone wanted to buy  art , they had to walk into a gallery in a major city. Doing that didn’t always guarantee that you’d be able to procure the artwork you desired, however. The most prestigious the  art , the less likely anyone, even if they had the money, could purchase them. Much of  art  was auctioned as well, so you had to walk into an auction house and hope that your bid would be enough. In both cases, you had to have connections, either with the artist, gallery owner, or auction house.

This limited not only who could purchase  art , but who could sell it as well. If artists didn’t have the right connections, it was unlikely that they could market their  art , no matter how talented they were or how exceptional the  art  they created were. This made the  art  world an inaccessible place that outsiders weren’t able to participate in.

With the advent of the internet, though, this has changed. Today, if you have the money, it’s much easier to purchase high-quality  art  from unknown but talented artists, all from the comfort of your own home. All it takes a secure internet connection, a credit card, and in a few clicks, exception  art  can be accessible to you, too.

To assist you in purchasing and collection high-quality  art , here’s a list of the best places to buy  art  online. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a good start.

eBay: As a well-established auction site, eBay is a good place to bid for  art , of all kinds and styles.

 Art-Exchange  Advertises as “the best source for all your  art  needs.” Their inventory includes over 100,000 works of  art , from wall décor to three-dimensional works.

 Art .com Offers the world’s largest selection of  art  and décor items for homes and businesses. Also offers custom framing and mounting services. Probably one of the best places to purchase posters and prints online. Place where new and upcoming artists can sell their work online, without paying commissions.

UGallery,com Represents today’s top emerging artists, selected by an expert panel of curators. Contains a diverse A place to buy  art  and research original  art . Also has an online  art  galleries directory, gallery reviews, expert advice,  art  news, exhibitions, etc.

Original  Art  Online – An effective tool for the emerging artist to market and promote his or her  art  in a professional and inexpensive manner. – Online  art  gallery specializing in selling original paintings from artists from all over the world.

 Art – Offers over 18,500 original paintings, prints, and sculptures from more 1700 international artists. Has over 850 new fine  art  listings every month. – The largest selection of framed posters and prints, at competitive prices. Includes posters of movies, music, sports,  art , and celebrities.

1st- Art-Gallery .com – Offers handmade, oil-on-canvas reproductions of the most famous works of  art .

Source by Peter Dranitsin

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