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There have been many good movies out there for a long time now and the industry is not slowing down their progress of getting better and more in depth with the way that they put these creations together. I know that lots of people out there have to be impressed with he new releases and visual effects that go into making one of them.

All of the recent films that were made within the last few years have been incredible to say the least a few of the top favorite most recent movies are The Dark Knight of course, Iron Man Transformers part 2, The Hangover, Harry Potter, 2012, and X-Men origins Wolverine. All of these movies had great special effects especially in the Dark Knight, 2012, and Transformers and in Iron Man. There are too many of these films left to go into great detail about but these are some of the best recent movies made.

What I have been seeing a lot of in the newer most recent movies is a lot of recreating and redoing of other films. Which is always a good thing some of the newer effects that they add to the films are spectacular when compared to the older versions. But the older ones were nice I liked quite a few of them but the new special effects and green screening they can do now is amazing. they are even able to green screen people now to get you to look however you want if you don’t want to wear makeup for a film.

The possibilities of all recent movies is never going to fade off as far as I can see it going I believe there is no limit to what they can accomplish to make better movies in the near future.

Source by Kevin Hoffert

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