Big Brother – Bollywood Movie Review


By now, one knows what to expect from a Sunny Deol film — a lot of goons getting a lot of thrashing. Guddo Dhanoa’s Big Brother copies the formula faithfully. The character one really feels sorry for is the hero’s sister. So that he can play the macho avenger, she gets acid thrown in her face, is molested in the street and finally blown up with a bomb.

The treatment of women in the capital enrages Deodhar Gandhi (which was the original title of the film) into forming a vigilante squad that punishes men who get away with legal loopholes. The public and the media turns him into a hero; strange then, that he moves to Mumbai and drives an auto without anyone recognising him.

In Mumbai he wants to live peacefully with his family, but there are hoodlums to be fought here too. Plus a chawl don, a corrupt cop and an evil minister. As stuntmen fly into the air or get buried in the earth when Deodhar hits out, he becomes a mass hero again. The finale is played out with a camera recording the killings live — how ridiculous can it get? For a break from the violence are a few songs (which is why Priyanka Chopra is in the cast) and an item number or two.

The don (Sayaji Shinde) keeps saying that new scenes have to be written because the public is bored with the same old stuff. Now why didn’t Guddu Dhanoa take his own advice?

Source by Uday Reddy

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