Bikini Line Sculpting – The Brazilian Wax and the Hollywood Wax


In the world of hair removal the bikini line has an important place.  So what are your options for a nicely shaped and smooth bikini line?

You can shave the area, which basically means the pubic area.  Usually the extent of the shave will be dictated by the size of the bikini.

You can also go with the waxing alternative.  Many women have applied the waxing method at one time or another, generally for their legs. When thinking of the bikini line or pubic area, there are two waxing methods that are popular.  These are the Brazilian wax and the Hollywood wax.

Sometimes people confuse these terms.  The Brazilian wax is the removal of pubic hair leaving a  strip of fuzz over the pubic area.  As the name implies this is a fashion that originated in the Brazilian beeches with the small bikini tangas, and since then it has crossed frontiers.

The Hollywood wax relates to a full pubic hair removal exercise.  As simple as that.

For either of these options your best bet is to go to a specialist.  You have to be aware that you will need to remove your underwear and spread your legs.  This does put off many people, just remember that the beautician is a professional.  One other good point is to ask your friends or your beautician for a reference.

The process basically means that a thin layer of wax is applied, a strip of cloth is pressed against it, and then pulled off. Your hair should be around 1/4 of an inch long, and free of any types of lotion.  Your beautician may add some talcum powder.

When you go in for the appointment look around you and observe the general state of hygiene – you will normally find that nothing is obviously unhygienic and that is good, otherwise leave.

The session should take around an hour.  As all types of wax hair removal, there will be some pain and for most people this is perfectly manageable.  The added advantage of going to a professional is their expertise will also be reflected regarding pain.

Both of these methods are widely used both from the point of view of fashion, but also because many people, both men and women, enjoy the hairless sensation.

Source by Libbits Rankin

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