Biometric Identification Technology


Every human body is uniquely created by God with various combination of the infinite and different DNA structures. Even twins have different characters and any other differences. In this case, biometric technology takes this advantage to ensure that only people registered in the system are allowed to enter the system. Accompanied by reliable technology, you can apply this technology without the need for supervision by a man as a guard.


Originally, biometric technology is based on fingerprint recognition. Some technologies of fingerprint scanning include optical fingerprint, digital fingerprint, fingerprint capacitance, thermal fingerprint, and ultrasonic fingerprint. In the optical or digital fingerprint, the principle is to take a picture of the scanned finger. But, if the finger is contaminated by ink, cream, or lotion, this technique becomes ineffective.

Meanwhile, fingerprint capacitance produces image quality that is better because it can take a picture of the finger surface beneath ink or dirt in the finger. However, the scanning area that is only 0.5 inches x 0.5 inches is not accurate enough to be able to identify someone. This tool is also sensitive to the influence of static electricity.

In the thermal fingerprint, infrared rays are used to sense temperature differences between the basin and part that is attributable in the formation of fingerprint images. In ultrasonic fingerprint, using high frequency sound waves is to capture fingerprint images. Ultrasound can penetrate medium attached to a finger with a high quality of the image, so it is called as the best method. However, one drawback of the system of fingerprint identification is a weakness that allows fake fingerprints to be able to be used.

Source by Zane L Marquez

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