Bionix Health at Home Otoclear Ear Wax Removal, 2 Ounce


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The otoclear tip was developed by a physician to safely and thoroughly clear the ear canal of wax and debris without exposing the ear to any risk of injury or hearing loss. For over a decade, physicians have successfully utilized the otoclear in their practices to remove even the hardest cases of ear wax from patients as young as 6 months old. The otoclear was clinically tested to be safe, effective and non traumatic.Water is dispersed at a 30 degree angle towards the ear canal walls competitive products shoot a stream directly into the ear which can rupture an ear drum upon contact
3 streams of water generate a whirlpool effect flushing out the wax with 3x the volume and movement than competing single stream products
Impossible to over insert tip into the ear canal due to the flare tip design; Inserting any item too far into ear merely pushes ear wax further into the canal making it more compacted
Stay clean and dry with exit portals that let the water and debris drain in a controlled manner no risks of pressure build up in the ear due to inability to properly drain
Easy use ability to be operated with one hand simple to refill as often as needed

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