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The credit card companies have spent a lot of time in luring the small business owner, and every company is attempting to outdo its rivals in terms, perks and characteristics. Certain cards like Blue Cash® from American Express have also included business consultancy and interactive business debates to their product in order to lure small business owners to shift from individual to business credit cards. If you actual start evaluating business credit cards, you are most likely to find that the Blue Cash® from American Express is one of the most widely used business credit cards available in the market today. Here are the reasons:

-Balance Transfer: If you switch your current credit card’s outstanding to this card, the switched amount has a very economical APR of 4.99% all throughout. If you have been paying for your business expenses with your personal credit card, you can think about shifting these expenses to this business card. This is a great chance to separate your business and individual expenditures.

-Introductory Deal: In the first year of holding this card, you enjoy a 0% APR on purchases.

-Charges: Despite the fact that the Blue Cash® from American Express is a rewards card, there is no yearly fee.

-Low APR: There is a low APR of 11.24% applicable on purchases that kicks in once the introductory period is over.

-Grace Duration: This card has a 25-day grace period. If used sensibly, you can enjoy additional period of maximum of 55 days. This includes the grace periods offered by your creditors (30 days) and the grace period offered by the Blue Cash® from American Express (25 days).

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