Bluetooth Stereo Headphones – Why Buy Them?


Birthdays are particularly trying times for me. Oh no, please don’t get me wrong, it’s just that I’m almost always going haywire with my gifts. This time however, for my teenaged cousin, I think I’ve hit bull’s eye and gifted him- a self- confessed music freak – Bluetooth stereo headphones.

So what makes these Bluetooth stereo headphones so sought after? Well, they are light weight, compact, get connected to any Bluetooth enabled phone or device and most importantly, provide freedom. No longer do you have to remain wired to your music player. Connect your BT mobile phone and you can make phone calls, reject or answer them without removing your headphone. And since all of us are addicted to remote controls, there’s one to play, pause, switch tracks and control volume.

What about the music quality

Now that’s something we really want to know. These stereo headphones offer high quality digital sound. A mute function also ensures that the sound you hear does not reach others. Whenever you receive a call, it’s intelligent enough to stop the music and resume only after the conversation. Smart, isn’t it.

Smart with some fairly decent stamina, I must add. I mean, it offers 4-6 hours of nonstop music and about 1 week of stand- by time. The battery can be charged with the help, of a USB cable.

Which one do I buy?

You could choose from a range cool, state- of -the- art BT headphones manufactured by Samsung, Motorola or even the Oriental versions i.e. Chinese models. Be prepared to cough up anywhere between $16 to$130.

They are hip, have a user friendly design and provide the ultimate hands- free solution – do you need any more reasons to get yourself Bluetooth stereo headphones. Well, just ask my cousin, he can’t seem to stop raving about it!

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