BMW ConnectedDrive System


The BMW ConnectedDrive system helps drivers keep in touch with the outside world during either long commutes or short drives through town and enhances the overall driving experience. With its advanced capabilities in convenience, safety and infotainment the ConnectedDrive system makes driving easier than before.


The TeleService is an onboard service and maintenance system. It monitors fluid status and parts such as engine oil and brake pads and then transmit the vehicle’s data to a local BMW center shortly before it requires service. The BMW center will then contact the owner to schedule an appointment. In addition if any parts are required, the BMW dealer will pre-order the parts to make the service appointment that much easier. Door Unlock, helps keep drivers from being locked out of their BMW vehicle. If a driver is locked out, he/she just needs to call the BMW Assist response center, and they can remotely unlock the driver’s door.


The BMW ConnectedDrive system also includes safety features. The system will automatically transmit the vehicle’s location and crash information to a response specialist in the event of a severe accident. The system also utilizes BMW Roadside Assistance via the “Roadside Assistance” button on the iDrive or radio display. Once Roadside Assistance is selected, BMW Roadside Assistance will dispatch the most appropriate form of help to the vehicle’s location. The ConnectedDrive system is also equipped with night vision that alerts the driver when animals or pedestrians are on the road ahead. It will display images on the iDrive screen using infrared front cameras. The Head-Up display transparently projects the vehicle’s speed, directions and collisions warnings through the windshield within the driver’s field of vision. This feature helps keep the driver’s eyes on the road ahead.


The ConnectedDrive system can also act as a mobile office with the ability to read test messages out loud through the text-to-speech function and hands-free calling. The system is also equipped with HD and satellite radio, Bluetooth audio streaming and iPod/iPhone integration for all the   entertainment  needed during the ride. In addition, drivers can use the text-to-speech function, which will read aloud the top US, World, business, sports and  entertainment   news . The system also has the capability to access the weather forecasts for the local area and anywhere else in the United States.

The BMW ConnectedDrive is built with the intention to make the ride easier than before, offering convenience, safety and infotainment.

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