Bollywood 2008 – The Year of the Submissive Male?


What is the similarity between Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Kismat Konnection and Ugly aur Pagli?

Okay, all three are recent releases. But there is one predominant similarity between Jaane Tu Ya Jaane, Ugly aur Pagli and Kismat Konnection. It is the submissive male

If  Bollywood  2007 was the year for sports(Chak De India, Stumped and Goal), 2008 has a quirky theme-the submissive and non-achieving male?! Is it the sign of times, women mastering men, the folks from mars? Women power is definitely overpowering male characters in  Bollywood , if the last three films are any indicators.

Have a look at this. Imran Khan in the movie Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na plays a boy Jai(Imran Khan) who is totally dominated by his girlfriend Aditi(Genelia D’ Souza). It is actually not Jai who is shy, but Aditi who is over-aggressive.

In the movie Kismat Konnection, Raj(Shahid Kapur) is a sort of unachiever who fails at everything and is at the mercy of Priya(Vidya Balan) for his rise(no dirty thoughts!) to fame.

The latest movie Ugly aur Pagli has Kuhu(Mallika Sherwat) has Kabir(Ranvi Shourey) wrapped around her dominating finger. She has him wearing a petticoat, riding a seat less bicycle, stealing a rose for her..Ouch, it hurts…not the rose, not my heart, but the seatless bicycle!

Also, all the three movie Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Kismat Konnection and Ugly aur Pagli had a tepid, clichéd ending. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na has an ending at the airport(clichéd), Kismat Konnection has the hero delivering a monologue(quite cliched) and Ugly aur Pagli has the lost and found formula(the lovers lose each other and someone else unites them).

Source by Arunraj V.S.

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