Bollywood – A Mixture of Great Talent


Bollywood has been a power house of talent since the time it was introduced. There have been actors, actresses, singers and directors who have made it possible to bring Bollywood to the place that it stands today. Here is a list of people from each of the above mentioned categories who has made it big in their respective fields.

Best director- this is a title which undoubtedly goes to Dev Anand. He was an all-rounder just like Kishore Kumar but is known to be a better director and film maker. He still has the passion for film making and is setting foot in Hollywood at this age.

Best actor- Dilip Kumar is the best actor of all times and will remain so. He has given the magnum opus of Indian cinema to which all other movies are compared. He has also acted in some of the super hit films like Naya Daur. These movies prove to remain the all time favorites of some people.

Best actress- Madhubala is the only actress who has managed to get hold of a career in such a short time and also get invites from Hollywood. She is the most beautiful woman in world, dead or alive. However, due to her young age illness she died at the age of 36 when her film career was at staggering heights.

Best singer- Kishore Kumar is one of the best and finest singers that Bollywood could get. There are few singers who can match the voice and ability of the singer. He has sung for all the top actors of his time in his career and also for himself while he was acting.

Female best singer- Lata Mangeshkar is undoubtedly the best singer that India has got. No person can deny this fact after hearing the nightingale sing.

Source by Jessica N King

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