Bollywood Chat and the Bollywood Society


The  Bollywood  culture is growing more and more each day. In the same way as Hollywood dominated the movie industry the Indian economy has grown so much over the last 10 years that if you use the term  Bollywood  to anyone in India it is a household name. This article explores the significance of the  Bollywood  industry and how more and more people are socialising on the Internet to share their interest and passion of  Bollywood . Furthermore, the influence of  Bollywood  on society has a whole worldwide has led to many successful movies and more and more Hollywood scripts are now being used by leading  Bollywood  movie directors.

 Bollywood  has grown over the last twenty years or so thanks to technology such as the Internet, mobile phones and set up cable TV boxes. In the late 1980s people in the USA and the UK could not access any “ Bollywood ” channels because there was no real service available. However from 1992 everything changed. The service Zee TV was launched and this led to a subscription based channel. The  Bollywood  market is a growing niche market and there was a growing demand for  Bollywood  movies, shows, comedies and cartoons for young children. Therefore, more and more TV companies took note of this and managed to provide a service to this market.

Finally,  Bollywood  movies have grown and have continued to dominate the cinema industry worldwide. More and more people have embraced the  Bollywood  culture and thanks to video sharing websites such as YouTube people from different cultures have managed to understand what  Bollywood  is really all about. Moreover,  Bollywood  has a whole has had a growing influence on today’s young society. For example, more and more  Bollywood  movies are now being shot in exotic locations such as Dubai and New York as there are many people in those parts who have a growing passion for  Bollywood .

Source by Imran Naseem

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