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It is rightly said that Bollywood is a religion in our country. People live and die for movies. The fan following for a particular star is so fierce that individuals even eat and drink in a particular style. Hero, heroines have a huge impact on the lives of normal people right from how they live, talk to what they wear.

No doubt magazines with the buzz on Bollywood are high on sale. There is gossip and drama in newspapers, TV, radio….everywhere and boy does it sell. Indians want to know what their stars are doing and wearing. Now known and publicized as Page 3 events termed as those Bollywood gatherings that are captured and mostly put up on the page 3 of newspapers. But the terms is so generalised now that any Bollywood gathering, published or not published is known as a page 3 event.

These events include premiers of movies that are held at leading multiplexes. This is one place where you get to see not only the stars of the movie but also the friends and families of the stars. For instance the Woodstock premiere that happened at Fame cinemas was attended not only by the Kher family as it was the debut film of their son Sikander Kher but also by the entire Bachchan family that was sensational for the media who came in droves to capitalise on their presence. Many other leading film fraternity members also came in making it one Bollywood event to remember.

Launch of a new couture segment, books, departmental stores or restaurants are also other reasons for Bollywood stars to turn up and bring in the buzz. Besides bollywood stars cricket team members, fashion designers and socialists make up a complete Page 3 event buzzing with what’s new and what’s not for the media to get some dope and download on to their newspaper supplements.

Source by Jennie Kakkad

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