BollyWood Movie Making: A Fine Art


For those of you who may not already be aware, Bollywood is the entertainment capital of India. Garnering its name from the term Bombay, combined with that of Hollywood it is surely something to take note of. Although Bolly is in many ways very similar to Hollywood, there are several glaring differences, the major one that I would like to discuss, is how they go about producing content for viewers.

You see a Bollywood film follows along in many of the same ways that an American movie would. For starters each movie has a theme, whether it be drama, action, comedy etc. Then each film follows along the traditional movie roller coaster ride with a beginning, middle, climax, end, protagonist, antagonist etc. The major glaring difference between the two movie making worlds however is in the song and dance. You see in every Bolly film there is a dance performed by the cast to a certain song. It is said that the song makes the movie and not the other way around, which I assume makes the composer rather nervous!

After the song and dance has finished however a Bollywood movie is just as normal as any other movie you have ever seen. The language of Hindi would obviously be different for someone not from that part of the world, but I would assume that in many cases when you buy the move on DVD subtitles are included so there is not much for you to worry about in that regard. Bolly film making is truly a fine art and something that I highly recommend everyone check out in the near future.

Source by Peter Foti

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