Bollywood on a Roll As "3 Idiots" Outperforms "Avatar"


Talking about clashes, this one was the mother of all clashes. Can you possibly think any director can be a challenge to James Cameroon? Well, it’s the dawn of the new head named  Bollywood . To be more precise, Raju Hirani has done the impossible.

3 idiots have done what no one had ever thought of. Before Avatar would release, everyone couldn’t stop blabbering about the movie and the accolades which James Cameroon had accomplished, next generation animation and what not. But, now people are just talking over 3 Idiots, which had no special effects, no James Cameroon nor the cost which Avatar had. Yes! The movie did have Aamir Khan though! What can be said about Mr. Perfectionist? Whenever you count him out, he does something supernatural to get himself back on the charts.

Avatar was based on sci-fiction whereas 3 Idiots was based on the life and struggle of youngsters (Engg. Students). Let’s take nothing away from the Hollywood’s ace director James Cameroon. Avatar is one hell of a movie with mind boggling graphics and special effects. It is really a visual treat for all ages, especially children. But, what the movie lacked is the raw emotion which 3 Idiots had. This is also a fundamental distinction between Hollywood and  Bollywood .  Bollywood  films tend to touch our lives somehow or the other. One such movie is 3 idiots. Avatar was something which was appreciative, no doubt. But it hardly related to humans living in today’s world, whereas, 3 Idiots had something for everyone.

No one could have ever imagined that a  Bollywood  movie can outperform a big time Hollywood movie. But, yet another time  Bollywood  has shown its forte and caliber to make good movies and left the costliest Hollywood flick Avatar flummoxed.

It turns out that Rajkumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots has out grossed and outperformed James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ at the UK Box Office! Imagine a $1.2 billion (and still counting) phenomenon called ‘Avatar’ is trampled by Rs 35 crore-budgeted  Bollywood  flick!

3 Idiots retains its position in the UK Top Ten after raking in more moolah than Avatar on its first day of release. This  Bollywood  flick has become the highest grossing  Bollywood  movie in the UK, beating the likes of Shahrukh Khan’s 2008 film ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’ and even ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna’. It has broken records for Indian films in the US, Australia, South Africa, Pakistan, Fiji and Kenya.

 Bollywood  has vanquished Hollywood for the first time and that too not for any ordinary movie. 3 Idiots has really made the whole  Bollywood  film fraternity proud.  Bollywood  has yet again proved that they have what it takes to make mind-boggling, path breaking movies! What is the need of the hour for  Bollywood  at this point of time?

We need more movies like 3 Idiots which can uplift the level of  Bollywood  and make a whole new level for movies. We need to draw a line of superiority when it comes to world movies. A few more years down the line and  Bollywood  will be head to head with Hollywood, and the credit will go to our great film makers!

Source by Srinjan Bhowmick

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