Brainstorming For Home Business Ideas


All right! You have decided to start a home business. Good for you! A well-conceived and well-planned home business can provide you with much more financial freedom, in fact, much more freedom in general. Soon you will be able to say that you work from home and to be proud of it. You’re going to love working from home, so I’m very glad that you have decided to get started. Now you have one really BIG question. How in the world do I get started? One of the first and best steps you can take to generate home  business   ideas  is to engage in the exercise of brainstorming for home  business   ideas .

Maybe you already have an  idea  for a home  business , but you might be struggling with the details. Or, perhaps you only know that you want to have a home  business , but you have no  idea  of what kind of  business  or how to go about starting one. Either way the exercise can be a really useful and productive way to get some  ideas  about how you can start. Here are some guidelines to follow while you are brainstorming for home  business   ideas .


Let’s get started. You need two primary things to get started. First, set aside lots of room to display your  ideas  as you generate them. Second, provide a very visible way to write your  ideas  down. I suggest a large pad of drawing paper, the kind that is used for flip charts in meetings or for children to draw on in primary school. You want something big so when you spread all you  ideas  around the room you will still be able to read them.

Whatever you do to collect your  ideas  as they are generated, whether you are typing them on the computer, writing them on paper, or scribbling them on white dry erase boards, the point is that you have to be able to write down things in order to make decisions. Whatever you do, don’t try to do this all in your head.


There is a reason it is called a brainSTORM. Storms are not controlled. They happen, usually in a rush of wind and water. You’re going to let your brain create a storm of  ideas . Nobody in a storm says, “Oh, wait! That drop of rain, or that lightning strike was not good right then or right there.” In the same way, when you are in the midst of a brainstorm, you MUST let  ideas  come out in a rush of brilliant lightning flash thoughts or half-baked, tiny raindrop  ideas . Make no judgments about any  idea . Let every  idea  come out and record it.


First, look at the things you have done in your life and especially at the things have made you the most happy or satisfied. Make a list of the things that you do that you enjoy. Write them down! If you’re going to have a home business, you want to figure out a way to be happy with what you are doing. You want to be able to do something that you enjoy. A major reason to work from home is to take your own destiny into your own hands, so make your home business something that you enjoy doing each and every day.

  • Write down the things you have done in your life and especially at the things have made you the most happy or satisfied
  • Write down things that you are good at.
  • Write down what your skills are.
  • Are they are planning or organizing?
  • Are they writing or interpreting?
  • What sets you apart from the other people out there?
  • Of what are you most proud about yourself?

After you have written you  ideas  down, a pattern in your thoughts will begin to emerge. That’s the real power of brainstorming.

Now you can use the  ideas  you have recorded during your brainstorming for home  business   ideas  to decide which of them are useful and decide how to proceed from there.

Source by Jerry Nielsen

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