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Brands are important aspects of any business, but unlike money or bricks, mortar and paperclips, a brand is an intangible aspect of business. It lives in people’s heads and is defined by all of that person’s contacts with a company. Improving a brand is, therefore, one of the best marketing tools available because it involves your whole company and in the end, creates happier customers, more loyalty and higher marketshare.

Hiring a branding company that specializes in brand image is best equipped to improve your brand with proven research and consulting services. Any successful effort to do these things must be built on a solid foundation. That foundation is your brand. Any kind of strategy without a solid brand under it, like a house, might work for a while, but in the long term, will crash to the ground. That’s not what you or we want. Quite simply, a brand is the essence of what your company is and what your company appears to be to the outside world…your brand identity and ultimately your brand image. And if it’s not solid and consistent, a branding company we’ll help you get it there.

The Brand Analysis process includes:

· Brand Audit (internal and external)

· Constituency Audits and Benchmarking

· Competitive Analysis

· Target Market Research

· Positioning Assessment

· Brand Valuation/Benchmarking

· Brand Analysis

· Constituency Analysis

Brand Strategy

· Brand Architecture (blue print)

· Brand Nomenclature & Covenants

· Naming Research, Testing and Strategy

· Employee Mindset Shift

Brand Communications

· Core Messaging/Value Proposition

· Communications Strategy & Planning

· Communications Standards

· Web strategy and development

· Corporate Communications / Investor Relations

· Constituency Communications:

* Recruitment

* Human Resources

* Investors & Analysts

* Industry Experts and Peers

* Corporate Staff

* Clients

* Customers

* Partners

* Media

· Brand Roll-out

· Brand Books/Style Guide & Manuals

· Advertising Design & Implementation

· Logo Design & Identity Design

· Packaging Design

· Collateral /Signage Design

Consider hiring a branding company offering complete marketing solutions with a proven approach who’s offerings include strategy planning, creative services, target market research, collateral creation along with graphic design and production and placing services for all types of media, web design and interactive.

Hiring a Brand Identity Team:

Consider a balanced group of innovative and results-driven professionals who have developed some of the world’s leading brands and managed and evolved them as needed through the good times and bad times. They’ll understand the challenges their clients face and are uniquely equipped to meet them with the best possible strategies. They’re a close-knit group with both the creative and strategic leadership and know-how to make your branding, advertising and marketing efforts more successful than you thought possible.

Source by Scott D. White

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