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With the economy still in trouble more and more people are thinking of brilliant  business   ideas  to supplement or replace their current financial situation. Starting a business could be a good option for someone provided they are willing to put forth the effort, research and time. If you are one of these people, a good way to think of an  idea  is to take a deep breath and reflect on yourself for a little while.Take some time to figure out where you want to be and try to see yourself there. Find out what your interests are and try to incorporate that into your decision. Did you know that in a recession, entrepreneurship thrives? That’s because it forces people to think outside the box. There will be plenty of entrepreneur  ideas  in 2011. Let’s explore some brilliant  business   ideas  poised to thrive in the new year.

There are a lot of business opportunities, some more rewarding than others. Of all the industries out there, the internet has created more millionaires than any other, thus the reason online opportunities are first on my “brilliant” list.There is a long list of possibilities that could be  business   ideas  for home careers. With more people on social networks than ever, the concern for advertisers to get their message to consumers now lies with word of mouth marketing. A poll by MediaPost revealed that 59 percent of consumers said that advice from their friends would persuade them to buy a product. One  business   idea  would be becoming an online marketer. Now there are skills you must learn, but the end result could be very rewarding. There are many avenues to online marketing such as social networking, SEO optimization, affiliate marketing and more. Here’s an example of how to use social networks to your advantage. Watch what kind of information people are looking for, ie; how to make money or lose weight and create brilliant informational products that help them solve their problems by researching the topic or by asking an expert.

Then market your products on a business page of your network, or sell an e-book on the subject and also collaborate with other online marketers to become an affiliate for you and you pay them a percentage when they sell your product. Other online businesses could be freelance writing, copy writing, selling information through resale rights, selling photographs or wholesale drop shipping. Even one of these could be a brilliant  business   idea  that you put into action. If the internet isn’t your thing, there are other options for you. Another opportunity is the service industry. With 74 million baby boomers getting closer to retirement, there are plenty of service related businesses that could have a great impact on your bank account. Some services require licensing, but the possibilities are endless. Here are some  ideas , lawn care, home senior care, catering, the home improvement sector, which is already up 5 percent since 2009, partially because more boomers are renovating instead of moving. All of these sectors are poised for growth in 2011.

Talk about brilliant  business   ideas , these people started in their teens. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, created the mega site when he was nineteen and his net worth now is around two billion dollars. Adam Hildreth found huge success at fourteen when he created Dubit Limited, a social network site for teens and one of the biggest sites of this genre. Ephran Taylor became successful at age twelve creating video games and later at seventeen he invented his job posting company and entered into a multi million dollar community and now running CityCapital Cooperation and venturing into alternative energies. All these people started these companies because they were interested in their fields. Pick your niche and start trying to incorporate your interest into the mediums available.

If you feel like you need some help there are a few good companies out there that can give you the business education you are looking for and help you succeed if you are looking for a great career move. I am a part of one great company that truly cares about success, and the education is priceless if this is the industry you want to be a part of.Finding out what you are interested in, furthering your education, finding real answers to your questions, and surrounding yourself with like minded people who actually become mentors are the keys to success that will inspire your brilliant  business   idea  and kick start your entrepreneur adventure.To have a plan is a necessity if you really want to succeed in making real money online, and you can find a legitimate online education that is second to none.

Source by Gary S Rowell

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