Build My Own Site – 2 Steps to a Pro Website


 You don’t have to be a tech guru to build your own site. You don’t need to know html or have any other tech skills. If you are wondering “How can I build my own site” in just over an hour, this article will show you how in two easy steps.

1.       Get a web host

The host is your web space and they give you all the tools you need to create your website. This includes your domain name, so don’t buy that first. It comes with your hosting plan along with all the tools you need, unlimited space, emails, autoresponder and the best programs to create your website. All this for less than $.4.00 a month! It also includes support and video tutorials to help you create the site.

2.       Build Your Own Website

I suggest you start with WordPress to build your website. WordPress comes free with your host plan. Start by choosing a theme from hundreds of beautiful themes, and then input your information. You can start by making “posts”. In WordPress, a post is a block of text with or without graphics. Its very easy to enter this text into a small “notepad” like app. WordPress arranges your posts and inputs them to the theme you’ve chosen. The end result is a professional looking website that can be live in about an hour. This way you can create your website a little at a time instead of trying to have the whole site completed right at the beginning. Just add content as you go along. This is the same method many of the best websites use.

If  you have been wondering “How can I build my own site”, just follow the two steps above and I’m sure you will have a great website in no time.

Source by Alan J Orr

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