Building Technology Equals ICFs


When people use the word technology, they are usually speaking about computers or some device that connects with a computer. “Technology” in the 21st Century almost always equals “computer”. The truth is that the word technology means advancement, improvement, in any area. The technology in construction is substantially better then it was twenty years ago. Advancements have been made in the durability, insulation, and efficiency of new buildings and homes. Contractors are able to give customers stronger buildings that over time will save the owners money over the life of the building.

A major advancement in building technology is an innovative new use of concrete. Insulated concrete forms (ICFs) can be used in building homes, schools, and major commercial centers. A contractor can use ICF forms to create structures that are extremely durable, well insulated, and are put together in an efficient fashion. The strength of these buildings has been put to the test at the university level. Testing demonstrated that walls created using ICFs can withstand winds up to 250 mph.

The R-value of a home or building built using ICF insulated concrete is very high. This is due to the fact that both sides of the concrete are sealed with a layer of foam. The owner of the building receives maximum insulation because the building from the beginning is incased with foam.

One might think that the efficiency in relationship to ICF structures only deals with the amount of cooling and heating of energy that is saved because of the high R-value. Yes, a building that is created using ICFs will be efficient when it comes to heating and cooling, but efficiency in this case is referring to the actual building process. ICFs are shipped to a building site according to the necessary specifications. They are quickly stacked and snapped into place. Concrete is poured into the middle sections of the walls, and “bam,” the shell of the building is finished. No wasting time cutting stud lumber to the correct size, no hauling away unnecessary trash.

Source by Alice Lane

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