Bulk Signing Simplified For Telcos


The mobile boom has allowed telecommunication companies worldwide to add millions of new subscribers every month, resulting in massive customer-base. Now, the challenge is to hold on to this customer-base with innovative and smart business ideas.

The huge number of customer base puts tremendous pressure on the Operations of these companies. The daily operations in a telecom involve lot of paper-based activities meant for registration for mobile service, making changes in service, issuing monthly invoices/ statements, customer issues / complaints, etc. This large volume of ‘operational burden’ is stressful for Telcos and it directly affects its performance.

Let’s take an example of invoicing: It is very unrealistic for any telecom company to generate thousands of invoices on a daily basis, get them printed, signed, and delivered to the respective customers. This whole process is not only costly and lengthy, but also tedious and stressful. And in today’s competitive era no company can afford to spend money, time and manpower on such routine tasks. Therefore, it is very imperative for these companies to go paperless with such procedures to save time and money.

In one such attempt, these companies are opting for e-bills to their customers on monthly basis. The digitally signed e-bills not only help companies save time, but also ensure speedy delivery and process convenience. A prompt delivery of digitally signed e-bill every month into the customer’s inbox helps the company command customer loyalty and satisfaction. And this process can be secured and authenticated with digital signatures.

Digital signature solution providers provide telecom companies with bulk signing solutions that can be effectively used for signing and authentication e-bills, e-statements and e-reports, and e-invoices. Such digital signature solutions empower telecommunications companies go paperless at a minimal cost, helping them achieve maximum ROI. While automating the processes, these solutions allow companies to reap maximum business benefits, including speedy ROI, legal compliance, security and confidentiality.

Source by Kapil Mudholkar

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