Business Cards 101


 Business  cards are an important networking & marketing tool that anyone working in a  business , or build relationships must be familiar with.

Often  business  dealings are built from person to person relationships, so building up a strong network of  business  relationships both by giving and receiving  business  cards, you’ll have a great network of people you can benefit from.

By taking a proactive approach in distributing, another added benefit is the ability for your services or  business  to also reach friends of friends. Every new person you hand your card too, you can assume through word-of-mouth has the potential to reach 5-10 of their own contacts.

When creating a  business  card it is important to keep in mind it should be easy to read, and contains only the bare minimum of details. You should always include your company logo, and themed colors where possible. With your name and contact details. Treat it like a mini advertisement, as if you were going to run it in a newspaper.

After your  business  card has been created you must come up with a way to distribute them, often it isn’t enough just to have them sitting on your desk, but you should be taking a proactive approach at distributing them at trade show events, meetings, even at social functions, you can miss an opportunity to network. It should become a habit to keep a dozen or so cards in your wallet at all times.

 Business  cards are one promotional tool many people ignore, but will result in one of the best returns on investment. So look up your local pages, or get onto the search engines, and search for a  business  card printers.

Source by Andy D

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