Business Growth Requires Planting


Think of your business cards as seeds that need planting. Not every one will sprout, but each one has potential to grow your business. Don’t miss an opportunity when you meet someone new or see someone you know to give them a card. Your business card reminds them who you are, what you do, how to contact you, and that you are interested in getting new clients. This is particularly true if you provide a local service but is also useful for web based businesses because it can help drive traffic to your website. Be sure to tell the person who gets your card that you appreciate referrals. Ask if they could help spread the word – – then give them a second card to share with a friend.

Almost everyone begins business with a business card. But what’s the point? What are you doing with them? Are they even valid in today’s Internet dominated business environment? These are some of the topics explored in the book Turn Your Business Card Into Business .

Take out your business card and ask yourself if it represents you in the way you want to be represented. What improvements would you make? Does your business card indicate what you do best? Does it have adequate contact information including your website and email? How many business cards have you distributed in the past week, month or year? If you are not passing out at least one thousand business cards a year you are not harnessing the potential of your business card.

Turn Your Business Card Into Business will guide you through the process of finding the answers to these questions and will provide you with meaningful tips on how to use your business card to attract new clients and customers.

Viral marketing through distribution of your business card works just like it does on the web by passing information from person to person. Make a goal to distribute 500 cards this spring and watch new business begin to sprout.

Source by Reno Lovison

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