Business Ideas in Action – How to Put New Ideas Into Practice For Start Up Business Success


Do you really believe you can be a successful woman in a start up business? Woman spend millions of dollars each year reading about business, trying to learn new “systems”, taking workshops or even earning academic degrees to understand how to start a business. All of this is done in order to be successful in an independent business.

But not everyone is successful in starting a business, including the brightest women of all. Overall, three out of five small businesses fail before their second year in business. This is a large figure and gives the chances of failure a better percentage of happening than the chances for success. You can help your chances of success by following a few simple ideas for start up business success:

1. Put what you learn into practice.

All of the information in the world will do you no good if you don’t apply it to real world situations of building your business. Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of information in front of you. Take one or two ideas at a time and focus on developing those into actionable steps. Don’t move on until you apply those concepts. When the new idea is comfortable, get ready to find another new idea. Of course, this means that you have to put the ideas into priority order so that it makes sense to apply these steps in order.

2. Seek new ideas

Even though you have a lot of information already, don’t stop looking for new ideas that keep you on the cutting edge of your industry. Subscribe to business oriented newsletters or ezines online. You can find these by the dozens by searching on words like, “business start-up, entrepreneurs, how to start a business.” With each newsletter, find at least one idea to put into action as quickly as possible. This is a way to take a positive step to making your business dream come true. If you get a newsletter that fails to provide at least one new idea for you within a few months, unsubscribe to that newsletter and find another instead.

3. Drop ideas that don’t work

Every suggestion you find may not be appropriate for you and your business. Be smart about selecting the right opportunities for you. For example, a suggestion might be to send direct mail postcards to your customers. But if your customers only like to receive information by email, you will only waste time and money using a direct mail techniques and end up frustrated. That means you have to really understand your business and customers before putting ideas into practice. Not every idea will work for you. Knowing your true target market and what your goals are will help you eliminate good things that are not good for you.

These three ideas are just the tip of the iceberg of ideas of what you can do to have a successful start up business. The main idea is that business start up success is absolutely possible for you. Take time to put good ideas into practice. Learn from the successes of others and start with one or two ideas at a time. You could soon find yourself heading straight towards business start up success and be the business woman others come to admire.

Source by Consuelo Meux, Ph.D.

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