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In writing a business plan, one of the first areas you should concentrate on is the general description of your business. This section gives a description of what business you will be in, what it is exactly you want to do. This is one of the most enlightening parts of your business write-up.

You will need to think about your business’ mission statement, which is a short review on your purpose why you put up the company and what your principles are. The mission statement is followed by the goals and objectives of the company. These are primarily the markers you have set for your business to achieve in the following years. The difference between goals and objectives is that the latter is a more concrete picture. A goal for example is like “being one of the leaders in book publishing”. An objective shows an actual checklist of things you would like to achieve on a certain date-like annual sales target. These highlights are important in writing a business plan.

You also need to think about your business philosophy, which is what you consider most important in your business. An example would be: “To be a first rate customer service approach, catering personally to the needs of our steady clients to elicit their loyalty to the business.”

Lastly, in writing a business plan you need to mention what you think will make your company successful. Describe the strengths of your business; the skills you have learned and the experience you and your partners have gained that will help your business soar.

Source by Clint C Steiner

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