Business Planning – Issues Facing Strategic Planners Today


Different companies hire strategic planners internally or as consultants to guide them towards profitability. These strategic planners do thorough research using the company’s SWOT or Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analyses. They use these kinds of information to be able to predict how to react to future problems or obstacles.

Having a strong and effective strategic plan is like having a strong weapon in achieving success in your business. However, strategic planners are facing some issues these days that might hinder them in coming up with a successful plan for the future of the company. To be able to understand more, here are some of the issues that strategic planners are facing today:

  1. Lack of information – Researched information is basically the bread and butter of strategic planners. They usually get information from the competitors to have a comparison but most of the times these competitors are protecting their business so they do not reveal much information.
  2. Fear of losing a job – Another way for strategic planners to create a successful plan that will help the organization dodge bullets or storms for that matter is by asking current employees with some questions that will make the case study stronger. Of course, the voices of employers shall be heard too but most of the times, these employees are afraid to tell the truth because they are afraid that they might lose their jobs. How are you going to develop a plan when employees are picking the good words to say about the company? This problem is indeed one of the major headaches that strategic planners go through.
  3. Predicting the future -Another issue that strategic planners is facing is the ever-changing trend in the market. This problem becomes worse because of the presence of new technology that can easily improve a man’s way of living.

These are the challenges or issues facing strategic planners today. It would be best to get as much and as accurate information that you can get to be able to create an effective and strategic plans. Since you are now aware of the problems that might hinder in the development of an accurate plan then it is best to act on these problems. Here are some examples:

  1. If you find it difficult to gather accurate information about the competitors then you might want to consider doing another approach like hiring another person to get this information for you.
  2. If you were having trouble because some of the employees do not want to reveal the truth because they fear losing employment, then you must explain to them that you are conducting this research to help them secure their employment.
  3. If the competitors were being proactive planner then be sure to distinguish a campaign that is worth your time – i. e. the campaign that will help you determine their actions towards the future. You need not chase them all throughout. Planning based on potential threats could be more reactive than strategic planning so you need to be selective with the information that you get too.
  4. Well you cannot do much about predicting an accurate forecast because if you are just basing your research from potential strength, possible weaknesses, opportunities and threats then you will not really produce a plan with 100% accuracy.

Source by Mabel Miles

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