Business Reputation Protection: Defending the Company Name


Now that the internet and social media have empowered consumers like never before, a company’s business reputation is more vulnerable than ever. There are countless examples of companies that suffered damage to their business reputation either from a social media mistake, a damaging news story, or simply the actions of a top executive. News of mistakes made by companies and their employees now travel faster than ever. Meanwhile, a disgruntled customer can cause damage by writing a negative review online or by complaining about the company in a tweet. The only way for a company to protect its business reputation is by practicing reputation management. Here are three tips for companies that want to defend their company name by practicing online reputation management:

Take Control

Traditionally, companies have used a wide range of marketing resources to help control the conversation. While public relations articles and television ads used to be effective in making a company look good, there are now cheaper and more effective options that companies should take advantage of. For instance, creating social media accounts for the company name will not only keep these accounts out of the hands of people want to use them to damage the company’s business reputation, but will also prove to be an effective way for companies to broadcast their message. A social media manager can make the company look better by describing the company’s charitable contributions, and more human by broadcasting company initiatives and outings.

Respond Quickly to Threats

As mentioned earlier, threats are everywhere. Luckily the damage caused by these threats will be minimized when companies use reputation management techniques to monitor what is being said about them and respond quickly when a new threat emerges. One of the easiest ways to monitor what others are saying about an organization is to sign up for Google Alerts. Google offers this service for free and it takes less than one minute to sign up. An individual will type in the name of the organization and supply an email address to, and then Google will send e-mail updates whenever new content appears about that organization. One can also type the company name into Google to determine what damaging information is already out there.

Bring in an Expert

The process of reputation management is actually quite extensive, so a company that does not have the time, money, and manpower in-house to devote to this process should consider turning to an expert. Luckily there are a number of reputation management organizations that can quickly, affordably, and discretely help a company to control, repair, or even re-build its business reputation. These organizations typically have a team of content writers on staff that can quickly create unique, search engine optimized content that will bury damaging content. When engineered properly, this content will even protect a business reputation from future threats, which will appear in Google search results below the pre-existing content rather than as the top result.

These are just a few of the reputation management techniques that a company can use to improve its business reputation.

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