Business Start Up Ideas For Older Women


Why Are Women Over 50 Starting Businesses?

A lot of older workers are finding the job market very soft these days. Instead of staying out of work or accepting lower pay, many of these folks are deciding that they may as well start their own business. Women over 50, in particular, are particularly attracted to the idea of being their own boss.

  • These women say they want more flexibility, and having a business allows them to set their own schedule.
  • The women want more control over their financial lives.
  • The have some sort of vision, and being self employed gives them more job satisfaction.

Let me mention that being self employed is not for everybody. Even though you may have more control over your work hours, you will still have to have determination and discipline to actually make your business prosper. Lots of people are much better off working for somebody else.

I will say that you do not have to start out with rocket scientist skills or a lot of money to invest. In addition, you can start many businesses part time while you still attend to other duties or a “day job”.

What Type Of Business Should Older Women Start?

The type of business you will start depends upon a few things. Your energy level, the way you like to work, and your own skills and interests are very important considerations. I tried to filter down these business ideas to things that would not require a lot of capital investment to start, and that could be started on a part time basis.

Purchase an existing vending machine route.

Most of the experienced vending machine owners say that purchasing a good, established route is the simplest way to get started. You will have to do your due diligence to make sure the route is really productive. But this relieves you of the chore of having to find places to put new vending machines that you buy.

You will have to be responsible for collecting money, keeping the machines stocked, and making sure the machines are in good repair. You either have to do these things yourself, or you have to hire somebody to perform some of the functions.

This is a good solution for people who like to be active, and who do not want to get stuck in an office all of the time. You will probably need to start out by doing a lot of the actual work yourself. However, if you expand your business, you may hire employees to do some of the work for you.

Boutique Bakeries are in!

Small, boutique bakeries, like cupcake bakeries, are very popular today. If you love to bake, this can be a good way to turn your specialty into a business.

Most locations in the US require commercial kitchens though. However, you may solve this problem by leasing space from a church or other organization that does not use their own kitchen during certain hours.

You can concentrate on perfecting your treats, marketing, and expanding your business. If your business grows, you may consider getting your own commercial kitchen space later.

Book Keeping

Businesses need to keep track of their finances in good times and bad. You can find a lot of quick book keeping classes, or you can draw upon your past experiences. This is one business you can perform out of your own home, or in client offices.

Are You Ready To Be Self Employed?

Spend some time researching different business ideas. Try to find ideas that will not require a huge initial investment or a very long work week. As your business grows, you may decide to expand. People who start with a small and manageable business idea tend to do well.

Source by Marilyn Katz

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