Buying Guide for the Best Refrigerators


Modern refrigerators are available in many options. Consumers can choose from a french-door style, side by side, or a top or bottom freezer. Here one will find the top 4 most highly rated refrigerators, the best of each option. This can be utilized as a buying guide in purchasing the refrigerator that best suits a person.

The least expensive refrigerator on the market today is the top freezer model. They are not only the cheapest, but also the least likely to have something go wrong. There are no high tech components to tear up like on the other models. Many consumers use the refrigerator more than the freezer, so this requires a lot of bending to have access to all the shelves. Also, the freezers have very limited space with usually only a single shelf. This can take a lot of creativity on one’s part to find the best methods for getting the most out of storage space.

The side by side models are somewhat higher in cost than the top freezer models, but do cost less than the French door models. These refrigerators have convenient features such as water and ice dispensers in the door. These models are good to have in spaces where clearance for a door or a narrow kitchen is an issue. The problem with the side by side models are the narrow shelving in the freezer side, and the water and ice dispenser are prone to needing repairs. They are also not as energy efficient as the top freezer refrigerators. However, many models do comply with Energy Star standards. The pull-out drawer bottom freezer models with the single door refrigerator on top are more costly than the first two models mentioned. The refrigerator portion is easily accessible. The pull out drawer to the bottom freezer is roomy and easy to organize.This model does not come with a water and ice dispenser feature, but can come with an internal ice maker. It will take up space, but is convenient for those who do not like dealing with ice trays. However, the bottom drawer models are becoming less popular as the French door models are dropping in price.

The French door refrigerator and freezer combinations are the most popular. These refrigerators have the ice and water dispenser that most consumers desire. They are extremely roomy and can easily fit in items such as sheet cakes or pizzas with ease. With only having to open one side at a time, less cool air escapes from these models as well. Most customers who write reviews on this type of refrigerator love the features such as adjustable shelving and water filters. Although more costly than the side by side models, most are Energy Star rated and do come with many convenient features.

When it comes to any model of refrigerator, performance is usually not an issue. Any refrigerator will keep food cold if working properly. The   technology  for cooling elements has not changed in years. However, the side by sides and French door styles do seem to manage temperatures somewhat better. The major differences in refrigerator models has to do with the noise level, the door styles, and features that will make keeping the refrigerator clean and organized more easily.

These are a few tips for purchasing one’s next unit.

· Purchase the largest unit for one’s space. It is best to take a tape measure along and take into consideration issues such as the depth or a door swing. · Think about purchasing an Energy Star model. One will lower his electricity bill and may receive a tax break.

· Look for an organized layout. Be sure the unit has space to accommodate wide or tall items and has no dark areas to lose food in.

· Check for stable shelving that is easy to clean. Glass is easiest to clean, and many models now come with raised edges that will help with spills. Adjustable shelving is always a nice bonus for items that are wider or taller than most. Some models come with a built in wine rack.

· Check for easily accessible temperature and humidity controls. One will want the controls to be in the front instead of the back where clutter may make it difficult to do. Options include controls for the meat, cheese, and vegetable bins.

· Look for a well-lit models. Most units will have one inside the refrigerator itself, but some also come equipped with lighting in the freezers and the drawers for optimal lighting.

· Make sure the unit is quiet. The insulation is what will help quiet the noise from the compressor.

Source by Mel Davey

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