Buying New Car Through Fleet Sales


Over the last few years, the ratio of people buying a new car through fleet sales has increased drastically. It has emerged as the new trend and has gained much popularity. These days many fleet departments are selling new cars of various models. In fact, purchasing a car through fleet sales has become lot easier option to have a new car. With a minimum of negotiation and less time spent at the dealership, you can drive away in an all new automobile. However, the key point that you need to consider is that since you are buying a car at wholesale prices, there are a few essential points that can help you in getting a better deal on the car you want. Here are few vital points that you must consider and guidelines that can help you a lot while purchasing a car through fleet sales:

Be clear in your mind about the car model you want to choose: No doubt, dealing with fleet sales not just saves your money and time, but its only possible when you are clear in your mind the car model you want to purchase. Unlike the retail salesperson, fleet sellers usually don’t like spending hours trying to persuade you to buy a particular car. Generally, they are trained to sell cars cheap and fast. As a result, it is always better you know what model and colour options you want prior you contact a fleet sales department. The more clear you are in your selection the less time you will spend in making a final deal, which in turn may help you in getting the most out of your transaction.

Try to know the prices or discounts available on your chosen car model: It is always vital to know whether the prices or discounts are available or not. Knowing the dealer’s invoice price or the MSRP are important, but the key point to note is the dealership’s discount. Virtually most dealership and fleet company’s work on volume discounts, so it can be very beneficial if you can know whether there is any discount available on your chosen car model or not.

Always try to have a negotiation: Once you are clear with the model you want to buy and have an idea whether discounts are available or not, it’s important to contact the dealership and have a sweet game of negotiation. Every dealer tries to offer the most attractive bids, but yet you must always ask them to re-quote the car based on your specifications as soon as possible. Explain them what your lowest bid was and just try to query whether they can negotiate on this or not. This tip can be very helpful as at times a dealer gets ready to bump their selling price. After doing this, if they say yes then just ask them to fax that bid immediately and make an appointment to get the paperwork.

Apart from all this, the most unique thing about dealing with fleet sales in order to have a new car is that sometimes a fleet manager or salesperson may even arrange financing between the retail and financing departments. Even if you have been unable to arrange your own financing, the fleet sales department can do it for you. So try to find out whether the fleet sales department actually offer any financing or not.

Finally, once you are done with your negotiation and all set to drive away a new car, make sure you once again inspect it carefully and test drive it properly. It doesn’t matter, even if you have already test driven that model previously, at times individual cars do have some minor manufacturing variations. Therefore, it is worth taking a quick spin to ensure everything is in good shape.

Today no doubt with the introduction of various fleet departments the buying process of a new car has gone smoother and takes less time. Fleet managers can do everything from start to finish, but yet taking care of a few essential points as mentioned above might help get a good deal.

Source by Amit Kothial

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