Can Marriage Counseling Help Your Marriage?


It depends what you are looking to get out of it and what you are willing to put into it. A

marriage counseling program can be as basic and broad, or as in depth and complex as you need

it to be. First, you need to figure out where the problem areas lie in your marriage. Some of the

basic marriage related issues that have benefited from marriage counseling include:

Communication problems. If there is a breakdown in communication in your marriage, this can

have a snowball effect. Once you lose the ability to communicate effectively with your spouse, it

is difficult to regain it. If you often feel misunderstood, or feel like your spouse is deliberately

saying hurtful things. Or if you are constantly saying things to test your partner or try to get a

reaction, you are probably getting frustrated with your failing efforts. Like it or not, we are not

mind readers, and none of us are ever going to always say what our spouse would like to hear. A

pattern of poor communication is hard to break. So, marriage counseling in Houston or any other

state could help you break these bad habits.

Financial issues. Money can be the cause of many marital fights and disagreements. This is a

complicated subject, and depending on how you handle your income and financial plans, it can

be the cause of bitterness and resentment over the years. Often one partner earns more than the

other, or one spouse wants to follow an expensive hobby. Perhaps there is disagreement about

the kids’ education funding. Or even about whether you should consult with an online marriage

counseling service.

Sexual problems. A delicate subject but one often brought to the table within a successful therapy

program. There is a great likelihood that sexual incompatibilities will arise in your marriage.

Adultery. Adultery is a hurtful and difficult conflict that most couples are unable to work

through on their own. But it doesn’t have to spell the end of your marriage.

Marriage counseling can help you identify the root of your marital problems and provide

guidance on how to better communicate and work out your marriage issues together. If you’ve

been trying to resolve conflict on your own, and you feel like your marriage just keeps getting

worse, then you know that breaking the pattern of hurtful behavior and ineffective verbal

communication will be difficult without intervention. Attending marriage counseling session

would not necessarily save your relationship. If one or both of you is set on leaving, then the

chances of resolution are slim. But if you want to work at the relationship, and you have mutual

consent, marriage counseling can simplify the process and get the energy moving in the right


Marriage counseling is not for everyone, because you cannot get someone to agree with you if

they do not want to. Each partner must feel safe and confident during the sessions. While the

counselor will play a neutral role, your need to allow your partner to express their feelings

without your feeling hurt or rejected. This is not easy for most people to do, but you need to

make the effort to get to this point before you hire a marriage counselor.

Source by Marvin Cains

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