Cantos Korea CT-503C Reflex type Women size Black Acupressure Shiatsu Health & Fitness Slipper, Reflexology Comfort Slide Sandal for Relaxing Foot Massage Healthcare (W9)


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– Bansagu theory (Reflexology theory) According to the chiropractor, the sole bansagu, bansagu corresponding to each of the nerves that stimulate the organs themselves can become healthier.

– In addition, whenever the pressure foot, turning the depressed portion of the depressed portion of the blood is not pushed gather blood. Thus, in the heart of the most distant part of the sole of the foot of stagnant blood circulation and waste / emissions can help.25.5cm*10cm*15cm 0.50kg
Onnuri health industry for 20 years to acupressure mat sandals and brand development Cantos / selling, about 1 million people contributed to the customer’s foot health foot massage is a specialized company. – Turning a double pressure of Cantos Republic of Korea Patent Technology Competition in 2001 and won a bronze statue exhibition in Hong Kong Footware sector invention / innovation awards, including customers and professionals who recognized the performance of the product.
Matt is the sole chiropractor Cantos bansagu hundreds to the tens of thousand of gravel jokchim projections projections can be stimulated without exception every corner. Dongle dongle and gravel projections sole shiatsu massage cushion provides a soft and a little jokchim ohdoltodol projection is the effect of TCM acupuncture provides a refreshing without pain.
Soft phylon material: Cantos phylon foam pie shiatsu mat made of the finest hard and rough and not the best to provide elasticity and cushion pressure. Acupressure stimulation of appropriate intensity to maximize the elastic, as well as a soft cushion feel is the pleasure of a refreshing new foot massage can be for a long time.
Luxurious and comfortable viewing of Yellow and Green Marble colors, and sole Fit comfortably in the Round design closely

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