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Modern Canvas Art

A piece of ‘modern’ canvas art is a painting that pertains to a certain category that generally uses structured lines, geometric designs and color variations on canvas to create art. Typically, there are no standard colors or a standard color palate that is used in modern canvas art, which is actually one of the defining characteristic of the genre. Modern canvas art is incredibly flexible both in substance and in style and can make a bold statement or a more subtle one, depending on the artist’s intention.

Hand-Painted Canvas Art Vs. Giclee Canvas.

The essential difference between a Giclee canvas work and an original is that a Giclee is a print created on an ink-jet or IRIS printer. They are generally less expensive than an original, but lack the quality texture and feeling of a hand-painted work of modern art. Canvas comes in a variety of textures that can add to any work created on it. When regarding almost any piece of modern art, the color, feeling and design is always crucial. For a piece of modern canvas art to be truly breathtaking, it must be both simple in design, yet project an air of quality and elegance. A print, whether on paper or canvas will simply not be able to achieve the same level of quality. The best part is that acquiring a quality piece of original modern art does not have to be incredibly expensive. Currently there is a huge range of artists out there that will re-create a popular painting of theirs several times. A great original piece of modern canvas art can range in price from $100-$3000, so there is something for every price range. Occasionally you will even find that diamond in the rough…an up and coming artist with impeccable talent and taste who is selling their first painting at an inexpensive price. If you can develop a relationship with them early, you will be guaranteed a good price later on when their work’s price tag increases. For those who are on a tight budget Giclee is a good way to go. It still adds a great deal of style to any room and has no limits (usually) on size and the style or idea that goes on the canvas. Giclee can be cheaper than an original hand-painted art work. There are many places on the web where you can find Giclee reproductions of famous artist works, while the original can be tiresomely hard to locate.

Source by Katrina Coreen West

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