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Owning a new car is almost everybody’s dream. But only a few people can afford to buy a new car on a cash basis. Fortunately, car  financing  is readily available these days. As a result, more and more individuals have the privilege of owning a new car.

However, it is not easy to select a car, make a purchase, and then obtain car  financing . Before you head to the local car dealer to buy the car of your dreams, you have to consider a lot of things with regards to car  financing . You have to look into your credit score, compare car  financing  rates, and get pre-approval for your car  financing  application.

Your credit score has a lot to do with getting approved car  financing  because it reflects your credit worthiness. The lender will also look into this when determining your interest rates and down payment requirements. A credit score ranges from 300 to 600. If your credit score is above 600, you have a very good chance of getting car  financing . However, if it is lower than 600, you need to spend several months paying your bills and increasing your credit score so you can qualify for  financing .

After determining your credit score, you need to compare rates such as interest fees, fee structures, and down payment rates. Different lending institutions offer different rates. You should take your time evaluating each  financing  option so you can get the best deal.

After you have compared rates and picked your  financing  option, you can get a pre-approval for car  financing . It is better that you have a pre-approved application before you go to the dealership so you can negotiate if you have cash in hand. This way, you may be qualified to receive rebates and discounts.

All these steps can help you to get the best car  financing –and eventually, the best car–available.

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