Car Repair Frauds – Time To Lift The Shades Off Your Eyes


When you get involved in a traffic accident, it’s very natural to feel lost and puzzled. Besides the obvious trauma and distress, it’s often necessary to deal with the auto insurance companies. To top it all, your see your dream vehicle lying in a dilapidated condition. All in all, it’s a frustrating situation, so much so that it can drive you to the edge of madness.

No matter how much you cry or repent, the fact remains that nothing can undo the damage done to your automobile. For most of the people, cars are important part of their existence. Imagine a day without your car; you’re sure to feel stressed and handicapped. However, there’s nothing to fret about. Remember, life is like mathematics – there’s a solution to every problem. The same rule applies for your vehicle as well. If your car lies in a dilapidated condition, you can easily regain its former look and performance with efficient auto repair services. Nevertheless, just like any other industry, the automotive industry also consists of a lot of fraudulent agencies.

Just a few days back, I took my vehicle for a regular oil replacement but left the place making a hefty bill payment. The auto mechanics coaxed me to believe that there was something seriously wrong with my automobile, while it actually wasn’t so. In fact, my vehicle was brand new and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Well, it’s not something strange for car owners to end up paying a huge fee for bringing their vehicles back on track. All vehicles – big or small – need proper maintenance. In case you keep on ignoring the repair works on your automobile, it’ll place an excessive strain on your finances. Although most of the car repair centers are perfectly licensed and make genuine charges, there are a few fraudulent agencies who take advantage of the situation. In fact, their sole aim is to draw money out of the innocent customers’ wallet. Every year, vehicle owners pay a hefty amount for needless automotive repairs. The good news is that you can easily protect yourself with just a little bit of awareness and information. Following are a few common auto repair scams that you must stay away from.

The Engine Wash

Quite often, you’ll come across car technicians who’ll ask you to go for engine flush. Well, they’re blatantly lying on your face. Unethical and fraudulent mechanics often tell their customers that the engine is extremely grubby and needs a thorough engine flush. As a matter of fact, you don’t need this service unless you’re using your car for a long time.

Fuel Saving Appliances

So, you got advices from the mechanic to install a fuel saving gadget in your automobile. Well, don’t be misguided. Just think, if these gadgets existed and everybody used them; wouldn’t this planet be greener? If an auto mechanic asks you to pay a few extra pounds for such fuel saving gadgets, simply back away.

Source by Erique Benson

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