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Hire a good caterer – you know, the type that gets everyone licking their lips and begging for more, and the rest of the catering and event caterers side of your event should run smoothly; but there are other elements you need to think about – such as how to market your event.

Web 2.0 Marketing Strategies for Events

Web 2.0 is the latest and greatest way to promote your events. With Web 2.0 one can quickly and easily set up a great web page using over 60 different multimedia applications without the need for a technical   guru  or IT guy.

Simply sign up for a free account and start adding photos, video clips, music, and more to your event website to make sure people know exactly what you are planning (and the great food that your catering and event caterers will be supplying).

Web 2.0 is also all about interaction and so when you send out emails inviting people to your event website they will also be able to start networking with other people coming to your event. You can even cross-reference other event groups and so get more people networking.

Event Management

Apart from catering and event caterers, and your event marketing, you will also need to consider things like delegating tasks to your employees or volunteers, and of course the budget. This can be easily managed using Web 2.0 web-based event management solutions.

Firstly, if your event requires ticket sales then you will be able to sell tickets online. You will also be able to use the task manager to assign tasks to your staff and volunteers, ensure that everyone knows what they’re doing and that they do it in time.

The budget manager will enable you to keep track of your expenses and ensure that you do not go over budget. You can also share this with others who are involved in handling finances and ensure that they stick to the budget.

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