CCTV Security Cameras – A Safeguard Against Workplace Harassment


Using Surveillance Technology against Abuses at Work

It’s is safe to say that the affordability of today’s surveillance technology, most homes offices, and business establishments are equipped with surveillance systems – CCTV security cameras to be precise. No other surveillance arrangement can beat this system when it comes to reliability and affordability.

Most offices and business establishments are wired with surveillance cameras for different reasons. Some managers resort to CCTV security cameras for security purposes while others do so to monitor the workflow of their employees. Others still, install security cameras to prevent workplace harassment.

Workplace harassment is not synonymous to sexual harassment. Sexual harassment in the workplace has been around a long time – ever since women were allowed to join the workforce, but has only been brought to light a decade or so ago. Since then, work policies were revised to prevent this and to protect employees.

What is Workplace Harassment?

Harassment in the workplace has probably existed long before sexual harassment but was only recently been acknowledged and identified by experts. Unlike sexual harassment, which targets mostly women, workplace harassment does not exclude anyone from its victims list. And it does not matter whether you are the CEO, manager, employer or client.

This kind of harassment happens when a person is subjected to repeated, unsolicited and unwelcome behavior that is offensive, humiliating, intimidating, and or threatening by an employer, a co-worker or group of co-workers, worker, client or member of the public.

To confront this issue head on, workplace prevention policies were put in place and human resource departments trained to deal with workplace harassment. If you are a victim of workplace harassment, you should address your complaint to the human resource officer and wait out the investigation; but with recordings of the incidents by CCTV security cameras, this won’t take too long.

Protecting Workers in the Workplace

The investigation involves evaluating background documentation, policies, evidence and procedures taken up to respond to your complaint. If your office is equipped with CCTV security cameras, you can be sure things will work out for you.

In most, if not all establishments, surveillance cameras run 24/7 and cover all areas, so you assured the harassment was recorded. The surveillance records can be used as hard evidence in your case. Without CCTV security cameras, you will have to rely on witnesses – what they heard, saw or what they think they heard or saw, which is unreliable because in the end, it can turn out against you.

If you are the head of your business or office, and if by some chance, your workplace is not yet wired with surveillance cameras, make sure you have CCTV security cameras installed the soonest possible time. It will do a great deal to boost the security of your office and peace of mind of your subordinates.

On the other hand, if you are working in an establishment where there is no surveillance system, raise the issue during meetings. Suggest that the company set up CCTV security cameras to prevent workplace stalking or to stop bullying in the workplace.

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